Puppy payment is due before a puppy leaves for his/her new forever home.
The current cost of a Snowy Paws puppy is $2,500 USD.
The price of our puppies is in relation to the quality and the guarantees we offer here at Snowy Paw Retrievers.
We gladly accept Cash or credit card payments via PayPal.
Please note the demoninations available include the fees which we are charged by PayPal to use and offer the credit card payment option.
***Please do NOT submit payment until we have spoken. Any payment received prior to Snowy Paws ok to do so does NOT constitute puppy placement or puppy guarantee. Snowy Paws reserves the right to refuse placement of any of our puppies.***
NOTE: If payment is submitted without our consent AND a puppy is NOT placed with your family, a $50 service fee will be charged.

Puppy Payment
**We reserve the right to update this page and our prices at any time**


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