About our Puppies

Snowy Paw Retrievers is a small kennel. We will only have a couple litters a year that are carefully planned and strive to better the breed to produce sound puppies in build, temperament and confirmation. All of our dogs are imported from exceptional breeding stock and sound bloodlines. We aim to produce top quality Golden Retriever companions that would be well versed in the field or in the confirmation ring as all our dogs come from quality show and champion bloodlines.

 All of our puppies come with a health guarantee and are sold on an AKC “Limited Registration” basis which means that they are sold as companion dogs and not as a breeding dog. No exceptions please.

Our puppies are born and live in the house with us. The puppies are seen by our vet at birth and at 6-7 weeks of age. Our puppies are given their 1st vaccination, are microchipped and are wormed before they are released from our home at 8 weeks of age.
Puppies begin crate training with us. Puppies are introduced to individual crates for short amounts of time beginning at 6 weeks. Time is gradually increased until they begin full overnights in their crates at 7 weeks. We feel this tremendously reduces the amount of stress absorbed by the puppies once they leave with their forever families.
We do not send puppies home until they are a full 8 weeks of age. If the new forever home families are local, we encourage visitation beginning at 4-5 weeks of age to begin the bonding process. We will update our website often with new photos of our babies for everyone’s enjoyment – it truly is amazing how quickly they grow!
To be considered for one of our puppies, we ask that you call us so that we can get to know each other. We will ask quite a few questions regarding you, your family, home, etc so that we can evaluate if a Snowy Paw Puppy is the right fit for you and your family. We do not place people on our puppy placement list until we have spoken and establish compatability.
Please note that:
Puppy inquiries MUST be made by telephone.
We will not respond nor discuss puppy availability,
pricing, etc via email or text message.
Once compatability is established, we will then place you on our reservation list on a first come first serve basis.
We do not accept deposits on puppies until we confirm pregnancy. Once we confirm pregnancy via ultrasound (around 30 days gestation), we request a deposit of $500 within 7 days to guarantee your spot on the list. Remaining balance is required 7 days prior to the puppy being picked up.
We provide you with the following:
- 1st and foremost, our phone number. We are available any time for questions regarding your new puppy!
-Lifetime support
-All health records
- Memories book which includes weekly photos of your puppy and copies of parents pedigrees
- Copy of your puppy contract
- AKC registration information
- Informational packet regarding training, feeding, excercising, etc.
Please see our puppy payment page for payment options.
We feed Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken and Brown Rice Puppy food to all our litters, and our breeding females, here at Snowy Paw Retrievers.
Blue Buffalo is a holistic food which contains all the ingredients a healthy, happy Golden Retriever requires as well as Probiotics, DHA (Omega 3) and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.
 We require that our puppies remain on Blue Buffalo (or other comparable super premium food) for their entire lifetime.
These are the guidelines we follow for feeding our Golden's here at Snowy Paws:
You will find that there are hundreds of dog food products available on the current market. Not all dogs will do well with a food containing 25 – 30% protein, but the majority of growing Golden Retrievers do.
When you are checking the label for the best food, you should note a few things.
  • A minimum of two poultry or meat meals should be listed within the first four ingredients. For foods with a lower protein percentage, the two meals should be listed in the first five or six ingredients on the label.
  • Some of the best foods for your golden will contain a minimum of three separate animal proteins excluding eggs, such as chicken, lamb or fish.
  • The best food contains no by-products.
  • The best food does not contain soy.
  • You should look for food with a minimal duplication of cereals, such as rice flour, rice gluten, brewer’s rice, etc. Several premium dog foods try to deceive consumers with this little trick. These foods are cereal based with little animal protein at all.
  • Look for foods that do not contain cellulose or peanut hulls.
  • It is important to feed your dog a quality food that includes probiotics to help keep your dog healthy.
  • Look for food that is preserved with C and E, which is difficult to find in foods that are high in fat and protein. Be prepared to compromise for a quality food that may not meet this particular criterion.
  • Look for foods that do not contain any added ethoxyquin.
  • Look for food with chelated or sequestered mineral and vitamins to ensure better absorption.
  • The best food for golden retrievers does not contain any sugar of any kind, including fructose, sucrose, etc.
The Chicken and Brown Rice formula by Blue Buffalo that we feed our puppies meets all of the above criteria and is a great example of a Super Premium Food.


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